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AT&T is the 2nd largest wireless provider in the US, closely behind Verizon Wireless with 92.8 million monthly customers and counting. The company has undergone many changes since its creation, and is now currently made up of the original AT&T company, Cingular, and Bellsouth (even though as a whole the company is marketed as just AT&T). The wireless provider prides itself in having the fewest dropped calls in the US, and calls themselves the best “allover network.” One of AT&T’s most popular features are rollover minutes, where users get to keep their unused minutes every month. The company has had great recent success with their exclusive launch of the iPhone, which is only officially sold for AT&T. AT&T also offers many other smart-phones such as the Blackberries, Android-based phones, and Windows phones. AT&∓T is neck-and-neck with Verizon as far as pricing, technology, and overall service providing some of the most reliable phone and fastest wireless internet services around.