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MetroPCS (which was orgianlly called General Wireless) is the 5th biggest wireless provider in the US, standing at 7.9 monhtly customers. The comapny is known for using CDMA services, as well as a 4G network with LTE technology. Although the comapany uses a 4G network, the routing and infrastructure of the MetroPCS wireless network keeps speeds down to older 3G speeds. Perhaps the comapny's biggest money-maker is their "no contract, no worries" way of selling their product. Many cellphone companies require you to sign long contracts to sign with them, or fee you for every little thing. MetroPCS on the other hand doesn't fee you, and you pay on a month-by-month basis, that is if you decide to stop paying next month your phone line will be disconected with no other troubles. Their phone service is average at best, but they are a great company for anyone who's looking for ok service with no heachaches are far as fees or pricing goes.