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Sprint, with 48.9 million monthly subscribers is the third-largest wireless and internet provider in the United States, behind both Verizon and AT&T. The company has aggressively advertised themselves as the first real 4G network, with the fastest internet speeds available on any wireless carrier. Sprint relies on both CDMA and iDEN technologies for their wireless phones, but recently announced that they plan on discontinuing and start phasing out iDEN by 2013 to focus on improving their CDMA networks and 4G services. The corporation has a long history of acquisitions, with the biggest acquisition being in 2005 when Sprint bought out Nextel. One of Sprint’s most notable exclusive phones is the Palm-Pre, being one of the best keyboard/touch phones available. Spring also offers all the basic phones, and many different Blackberry variations. Overall the company is beginning to make up ground on the leading wireless providers by providing great new technologies, and some of the fastest internet speeds available.