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US Cellular

US Cellular is the 6th biggest telecomunications company in the US, with over 6.2 million monthly subscribers spanning over 26 different states. The company's main building is in Chicago. The wireless provider began rolling out 3G networks in 2008, and currently is able to supply almost all its customers with 3G service from anywhere in the country. US Cellular carries many various phones, with the main supported manufactureres being RIM, Pantech, LG, Samsung, HTC, and Motorola. Overall the network is known for great reliability in terms of call quality, and up to par data transfer rates, although they're a bit behind in starting to get 4G rolled out (they haven't begun yet). One of the company's most unique features is the Call-Me feature where any customer can get unlimited minutes when they use their phone in their local (using area codes as a reference) area. They also offer a walki-talkin-like service alled "SpeedTalkSM."