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Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless (also known as Cellco Partnership) is the biggest, most widespread telecommunications provider in the US, and is quickly expanding into other services such as Wireless internet cards. The telecommunications giant has 93.3 million total costumers, which is a mere .4 million more than its closest competitor AT&T. Verizon supports and uses CDMA technology in all of their phones, supporting all 3 generations of the technology, and now with their new 4G service. The wireless provider is well known for their popular claim as “The Largest and Most Reliable Network in America,” which is considered true by many. Verizon provides a wide array of different services to their phone customers such as MobileTv and VCast, and aside from cell phone services, Verizon also provides one of the best “on-the-go” internet services as well. With their new LTE network Verizon is making international communications easier and more efficient, changing the way we use our phones to talk worldwide.