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Chris Martin Paid His Tribute To George Michael

Chris Martin Paid His Tribute To George Michael

Everybody’s happy that 2016 ended mainly because the year was filled with mostly bad news. The most upsetting thing about 2016 is that a large majority of huge music artists died during 2016 and the last one among them was George Michael, the front man of 1980’s Wham!. It’s safe to say that George Michael influenced all major music artists and shaped the music industry and right now in light of his death everybody started paying their respects towards him, including Coldplay’s Christ Martin.

Wham! is known for many hits but the one that stands out the most is the 1986 hit “Last Christmas”. Chris Martin, the front man of Coldplay paid his tribute to George Michael by covering Wham!’s “Last Christmas” during December 27th at the Crisis homeless center in London, only two days after George Michael died. Christ Martin is accompanied by a lucky volunteer that’s Crisis’s best karaoke performer.



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