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Demi Lovato Sheds Light on Her "Daddy Issues" Song
Demi Lovato Sheds Light on Her "Daddy Issues" Song

Last week, Demi Lovato made headlines when she released her sixth album “Tell Me You Love Me”. It seems like every song that’s included in the album is going be a hit, especially since Demi Lovato decided to spill her heart out in tracks such as “Ruin the Friendship”, “Only Forever” and “Daddy Issues”.

The first two of the aforementioned songs are rumored to be written about Nick Jonas. Even though Demi Lovato doesn’t to release a statement about those rumors, she did go publicly about “Daddy Issues”. The track contains lyrics such as “I’m going crazy when I’m with you / Forget all the therapy that I’ve been through / Lucky for you / I got these daddy issues”.

Demi Lovato went on an interview with Rolling Stone where she confirmed that her relationship with her dad is not going too well. She even said the following “I grew up having a strange relationship with my birth father”. “It caused relationship issues and certain behaviors in the future. I learned the reasoning behind those behaviors was because of my dad”.

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