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Lana Del Rey Surprises with "Love" During SXSW Performance

Lana Del Rey Surprises with "Love" During SXSW Performance

Lana Del Rey has one of the most beautiful vocals in the music industry and this can be clearly seen on her “Love” track. Her vocals are so amazing that her live performances sound flawless. In fact, Lana Del Rey went on stage at SXSW on March 17th and astonished everyone when she performed “Love”. This is the first time that Lana Del Rey performs this track live and it’s safe to say that no one expected it.

The performance was definitely a success, the crowd sang along with her and not only on “Love” but on “Ultraviolence” as well. Even better, Lana del Rey went on and sang her worldwide hit “Born to Die” as well. When Lana started singing “Born to Die” everyone went crazy and started screaming. In the end, Lana Del Rey kept her performance short and sweet, she didn’t overdo it and it was just perfect. 

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