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Noah Cyrus Doesn't Follow in Miley's Fottesteps

Noah Cyrus Doesn't Follow in Miley's Fottesteps

Just like her sister Miley, Noah Cyrus has been getting the entire world’s attention. The way that Noah Cyrus is doing this is quite different from Miley. While Miley used to love to cause controversy so that everyone knew what she was doing, Noah is taking a more normal route. Noah Cyrus keeps launching great songs which in turn, help get more fans as each day passes.

Just take for example “My Way” which was launched last month. The song doesn’t have an official music video for it and its just accompanied by a geometrical shape which keeps changing to fit the beat. Nonetheless, the video doesn’t matter that much because the song is amazing. Just check it out for yourself by clicking play on the video below.

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