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Elvis Presley is the image of rock 'n' roll. For generations after his tragical death, he is the icon of what rock had as its best: a very attractive dreamlike presence that brought thousands of girls around you, but was indifferent enough to do not make boys hate him. Rebellious by nature, he knew when to be polite and courteous. He was perfect in anything he was doing and regardless of the style, he was more than perfect. He played rock’n’roll, but also pop ballads, country music, gospel or R&B. However, he cannot be considered as a musical chameleon, as his voice did not change during the very often musical challenges of his musical career. His language is the international language of good pop music that inspired generations of kids after. His craft and talent are hard to replicate, because Elvis means more than one song and one pleasant presence. He was a complete artist with genuine qualities of a music star. However, at the end of his life, his career went through serious challenges: he played in too many bad movies, seemed to do not enjoy too much going live or on tours and last but not least his physical appearance suffered considerably as he got fat and went on stage dressed in terribly bad looking and kitschy suits (remember the classic white suit?). Despite such unpleasant turns, he continues to be the King and decades after he has an eternal place in the heart of musicians and fans of rock.




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